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Where To Buy Wheels And Tires Online

There are a lot of online retailers out there. But which one to choose?

Tires & Wheels Spotlight10

What's A "Hollander Book?"

In 1934, husband and wife Roy and Hildur Hollander published what would become the Bible of the used auto parts industry - the Hollander Book.

Ask The Wheel Doctor: Choosing A Tire

What to consider when you're considering new tires.

Reconditioned Wheels

What's the deal with reconditioned wheels? There's a right way, a wrong way and a third way to go about it.

Tire Dealer Profile: United Tire & Service

United Tire & Service is the new brand name for 17 independent tire dealerships in the Philadelphia area who have banded together to compete against the national tire chains.

United Tire & Service: A Bunch Of Commies

United Tire & Service is a collective of 17 tire dealers banded together as one. Effing Commies.

Michelin's New Premier A/S

Michelin debuts their new Premier A/S tires, which include some rather cool siping technology.

Email Me Maybe?

I'm looking for stories of both good and bad treatment from women who buy tires.

Ask The Wheel Doctor: All-Season vs. All-Weather

The Wheel Doctor hears from a New Jerseyite who needs to know what tire will help his wife's Volvo through changing winter conditions.

What's With The Runflats?

The Wheel Doctor takes on the case of a guy who bought a car with runflat tires and regrets it.

Ask The Wheel Doctor: What's With Runflats?

The Wheel Doctor commiserates with a Canadian who got runflats on his BMW without realizing the trouble he was in for.

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