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Sean Phillips

Sean Phillips

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Sean Phillips is the Operations Manager at Rim and Wheel Works, a family-operated wheel and tire repair shop located in Waltham, Massachusetts.


Sean has been straightening, refinishing, welding and replacing wheels for more than a decade, making him one of the most experienced wheel repair specialists in the world. He has repaired thousands of wheels, sold thousands of tires, and trained multiple wheel straighteners and tire technicians. As a skier and Colorado native, he has a particular interest and expertise in snow tires and winter driving.

By Sean Phillips:

“At Rim and Wheel Works, our focus is on all kinds of drivers; the daily driver, the enthusiast, and those that want their ‘bling.’ I myself am less of a journalist and more of a hands-on repair guy, and that is the kind of focus and perspective I intend to bring to About.com Tires and Wheels. Tires and wheels tend to be things you don’t really think about until you have to. I think about them every day. Our customers appreciate our honest, no-nonsense advice and that we go out of our way to save them money, and I hope my readers will appreciate that as well.”

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