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Tire & Wheel Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide for Tires and Wheels.

The Top 10 Dedicated Snow Tires for 2013
I always say to start thinking about snow tires around when football starts up, to get the best prices. So here's what I think about snow tires.

Review: PB B'laster Magnetic Penetrating Lubricant
PB B'laster is a magnetic penetrating lubricant with petroleum-based solvents designed to melt away corrosion. It's just about the best stuff in the world for corroded lugnuts and TPMS parts.

Reader Q&A: Winter Tires

Wheel Basics
What you need to know about wheels and buying wheels, whether online or in person.

Wheel Buyer's Guide
So you want some different wheels than the ones that came on your car when you bought it. But how to go about finding the right wheels for you? How do you make sure they will fit on your car? Believe me, the process of fitting wheels and tires can be much more complex than it looks. Here in one convenient place, you will find all of my articles...

Tire Size Calculators
Tire Size Calculators are one of those things you don't need until you really need one, because nobody wants to do tire sizing math in their head. Here is a list of some of the best ones.

Second Look: TireBuyer.Com
I take another look at an online tire retailer called TireBuyer.com, which I had previously described as "clunky." It's not clunky anymore.

The Top Ten Most Beautiful Aftermarket Wheels
There are some really amazingly cool wheels out there, so many that it can be hard to even know where to start looking. Given that my other job is wheel repair, I tend to gravitate towards the wheels I know are resistant to damage, but those are not always the best-looking wheels out there. With that in mind, I give you my list of the top ten...

The Best Daily Driver Tires For 2013
Here's my list of some of the best Daily Driver tires, the ones that get you where you're going safely with a minimum of fuss and price. The ones that have a nice smooth ride, resist hydroplaning in the rain, and preferably give you good gas mileage and long treadwear to boot. This one's for the real road warriors out there...

The Best Winter-Biased All-Season Tires For 2013
The idea of all-season tires is always a compelling one. Having tires that can be kept on your car year-round, that work well in both the winter and summer is generally a whole lot easier and cheaper than switching between winter and summer tires. The thing is, the requirements for tires designed for summer performance and tires designed to...

The Best Performance All-Season Tires For 2013
If what you want is superior grip for a high-performance car in both dry and wet conditions, and you plan to either switch out to pure winter tires or not drive the car in the snow, one of these performance all-seasons may be just your cup of Texas tea. In general, these tires are excellent for driving from spring through fall, or year-round...

The Top 5 Toughest Aftermarket Wheels (And 3 to Avoid)
The Top 5 Toughest Aftermarket Wheels

Alloy Profiles: Rocket Racing Wheels
Rocket Racing Wheels is a brand of “high-performance, nostalgia-inspired wheels for both classic and modern muscle cars, hot rods, street rods,and classic trucks” put out by Rocket Performance Machine, Inc. (RPM), a CNC/Milling shop in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Best New Tires For 2012
A list of 5 of the best and most interesting new tires coming in 2012.

How Much Should It Cost to Install My New Tires?
A look at all the little costs associated with new tires; mounting, balancing, valve stems, alignment and so on...

Alloy Profiles: Motegi Racing
Named for Japan's Twin Ring Motegi racetrack, Motegi Racing is owned by the umbrella group Wheel Pros which also owns American Racing, ATX, KMC Wheels and Lorenzo, among others.

Alloy Profiles: Borbet
Borbet is a German company with one of the longest and proudest histories of any aftermarket wheel maker.

Aftermarket Profiles: BBS
A profile of the aftermarket wheel manufacturer BBS.

Alloy Profiles: Enkei Wheels
Enkei Wheels began life as “Enshu Keigokin Co”, which translates as “Light Alloy of the Province of Enshu.” Enshu Keigokin manufactured aluminum alloy aircraft parts. In 1986 they began supplying wheels to the Minardi F1 team, and a wheel company was born.

Alloy Profiles: ADV.1
ADV.1 is a small-batch maker that allows customers a great deal of freedom in customizing their wheels' design and finish and then machines the wheels to order. A customer can order a wheel in any finish, including some unique finishes and tinted clearcoats available nowhere else in the industry.

Aftermarket Profiles: TSW
A look at the South African wheel maker TSW.

Alloy Profiles: American Racing
One of the most iconic wheel companies in history, American Racing is a muscle car's dream.

Alloy Profiles: Vossen Wheels
With 25 years in the business, Vossen is a leader in very large, very beautiful wheels. They are also a leader, but not the originator of Deep Concave wheels, a new design style that is sweeping the industry. Instead of a deep outer dish, Deep Concave wheels have a very small or no dish, while the spokes sweep inward to form a bowl shape.

Aftermarket Profiles: OZ Racing
A profile of Italian aftermarket wheel makers OZ Racing.

Aftermarket Profiles: Sport Edition
Since the demise of Mille Miglia, Sport Edition has taken up the banner of making some of the softest and most easily bendable rims in the industry.

Where To Buy Wheels and Tires Online
There are lots of websites out there promising discounted tires and wheels, but which one to choose? Here's my list.

What You Need to Know About Winter Tires
Everything you need to know about choosing winter tires but didn't know who to ask.

All Seasons or Snow Tires?
All-seasons or snow tires, what's best? The answer is as individual as you are.

Tire Dealer Profile: Direct Tire and Auto Services
Direct Tire has been practically a Massachusetts institution for decades. From their humble beginnings in suburban Watertown, owner Barry Steinberg has built Direct Tire into a local powerhouse boasting four locations around the state, 65 full-time employees, one of the better websites in the business and catchy pun-filled slogans including, “We'll Fix It Until It Brakes” and “We'll Brake, Shock And Exhaust You.”

Winter Wheel and Tire Packages
Looking for winter wheel and tire packages for this year or next? Here's some suggestions, targeted to the needs of different types of drivers.

Holiday Gift Guide for Wheel Guys
Got a Wheel Guy on your holiday gift list? Check out the coolest stuff for tires and wheels in the Holiday Gift Guide!

Tire Performance Categories Explained
Tire performance categories can be enormously confusing. This can be very important information, because you're going to want a tire that fits your car and driving style. If you don't know the differences, it can be very easy to upsell you into a higher performance, more expensive tire when what you really wanted was something with a smooth ride...

Dealer Profile: Tom Lyons Tire and Auto Service
Tom Lyons is a small shop in Waltham Massachusetts, but one with big shoulders.

The Tire Rack
One of the very best places to buy tires and wheels online.

Alloy Profiles: MRR Design
MRR Wheel Designs started life 20 years ago as a pure design company, contracting wheel designs for both OEM and aftermarket makers. Now they have a factory capable of turning out 50,000 wheels a month and are upgrading to a capacity exceeding 100,000 a month. Clearly this is a firm that is going places.

Discount Tire Direct
Online retailer for tires and wheels. Carries some brands that Tire Rack does not.

Alloy Profiles: Asanti Wheels
There are wheels designed for performance, wheels designed to be light, tough and agile. Asanti is not one of those wheels. Asanti is the King of Bling.

2013 Holiday Gift List For Car People

Discount Tire Direct
In 1960, Bruce Halle bought a building in Ann Arbor, Michigan and began selling tires. From this inauspicious beginning came one of the more recognizable names in the tire business, Discount Tire.

Review: TireRack.com
When it comes to online retailers, Tire Rack is simply the best.

Ask The Wheel Doctor: Going Spare
I answer a question about a not-so-compact spare.

Ask The Wheel Doctor: What's With Runflats?
The Wheel Doctor commiserates with a Canadian who got runflats on his BMW without realizing the trouble he was in for.

Tire Dealer Profile: United Tire & Service
United Tire & Service is the new brand name for 17 independent tire dealerships in the Philadelphia area who have banded together to compete against the national tire chains.

Ask The Wheel Doctor: Choosing A Tire
What to consider when you're considering new tires.

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