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Understanding Tires

Find out about the basics of tires; learn about tire sizing, tire construction, and how to read the information on tire sidewalls. Learn what you need to know to make informed decisions about where the rubber (literally) hits the road.

Pirelli and F1: A Timeline

Pirelli and F1: What Went Wrong?

All About F1 Tires

How to Read Your Tire
A primer on how to read the numbers and symbols embossed on tire sidewalls. Knowing how to read the tire can provide you with very useful information.

Plus and Minus Sizing Your Tires
Need to change your tire size, but don't understand what the tire guy is telling you? Here's how to figure out what tire size you need like the pros do.

Tire Noise
The causes of, and some remedies for, noisy tires.

Uniform Tire Quality Grading Explained
Uniform Tire Quality Grading is the term for three specific ratings applied to tires so that consumers can have standardized, easy to understand comparative data when they are searching for the right tire. That's the concept; the reality is somewhat different.

What Tires Are Made Of
What's inside your tire? How do they get all that stuff in there. Here's how your tires are made and what they're made up of.

Tire Siping: What the Heck is a Sipe?
We hear all the time from tire makers about their superior siping patterns, but what are sipes anyway?

How Cambered Tires Work
Cambered tires may well be the biggest breakthrough in tire technology since the vulcanization of rubber.

Tire Speed Ratings Explained
Confused about what that letter means right after your tire size? Ever had a tire shop ask what your speed rating was and didn't know what they meant? Don't know whether you need the more expensive V- or ZR-rated tires that the car came with? Fear not, mighty consumer, for I will edify you.

Low Rolling Resistance Tires: What You Need To Know
What is low rolling resistance really, and how does one choose between the storm of LRR tires coming onto the market? How does one make a meaningful comparison of fuel-efficiency between, say, Bridgestone's Ecopia and Yokohama's Avid Ascend? What do RRF and RRC mean, and why do they make even my head hurt to contemplate them?

Why You Should Downsize Your Winter Wheels
Why should you downsize winter wheels? Smaller wheels and tires perform better in winter conditions.

Studded Snow Tires: Haul Out the Big Guns
Studded snow tires are great when you absolutely need them, but you want to be sure you absolutely need them.

Alternative Rubber Supplies - The Search Continues
The search for alternative rubber supplies goes back to World War 2, when the Allied countries, particularly Russia and the U.S. had to find ways to deal with the fact that the Japanese held most of the rubber-producing areas in the world. With the end of the war and the resumption of natural rubber imports, the programs to find other sources...

Radial Tires or Bias-ply for Your Classic Car?
Own a classic car? Which type of tire is best for your baby?

Tire Rack: Determining the Age of a Tire
How to read and understand the Tire Identification Number (TIN).

Tire Rack: Treadlife/Mileage Warranties
Tire Rack's guide to understanding treadwear and manufacturer's mileage warranties.

What is a Mountain Snowflake?
The history and current status of the "Mountain Snowflake" symbol on tire sidewalls.

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