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Understanding Wheels

Find out about the basics of wheels; wheel sizing, offset and bolt patterns. Learn about the complex dance involved in fitting a properly sized wheel to your car, and about the differences between OEM, aftermarket, replica, steel and aluminum alloy wheels.

Wheel Anatomy 101: Structure
Welcome to Wheel Anatomy 101: Structure. Today we will be reviewing the major structural aspects of automotive wheels, focusing on the outboard, or structural face of the wheel.

Wheel Anatomy 201: Beads and Flanges
Welcome to Wheel Anatomy 201: Beads and Flanges. Today we will be reviewing the various structures located on the outer barrel of the wheel. These structures will include the drop center, beads, mounting humps and flanges.

Wheel Anatomy 301: Offset and Backspacing
In our final module of Wheel Anatomy, we will be looking at the complex, but essential concepts of offset and backspacing.

Finding Your Wheels' Bolt Pattern
When it comes to finding the proper fitment for putting aftermarket or other new wheels on your car, the bolt pattern is possibly the most important consideration.

Hub-Centric vs. Lug-Centric Wheels
If you've been shopping for wheels at all, you've probably heard something about "hub-centric" or "lug-centric" wheels, usually in the context of preferring one and avoiding the other. The issue of hub-centric vs. lug-centric wheels is one of the most important and most confusing concepts one can encounter when trying to properly fit new wheels....

Wheel Composition and Construction
In addition to coming in many different sizes and designs, wheels come in all different styles of construction and composition.

Wheel Spoke Designs
Since the 60's, when wire spoke wheels were the norm, advances in casting methods, CAD/CAM design and changes in tastes and styles have led to an explosion of spoke designs both cosmetic and functional.

Alloy vs. Steel Wheels: Beauty and the Beast
Alloys or steels; what's best for you? Both types have advantages and disadvantages for different types of driving; but in general if you want beauty and performance you want alloy, and if you want tough, inexpensive, ugly workhorses, you want steels.

Wheel Widths and Tire Fitments
We all know that wheels come in many different diameters – anywhere from the tiny 14” steels to 24” chrome monsters and beyond. But wheels also come in different widths, and the width of the wheel not only affects how the wheel sits on the car but also how the tire fits on the wheel. Here's a look at how wheel widths affect you.

Deep Concave Wheels: New Design Trend
Deep concave wheels are designed with spokes that curve, more or less gracefully, inwards toward the hub center of the wheel, such that if you put the wheel face up and flat on the ground, the cosmetic face of the wheel would form a bowl shape. When on the car, that bowl shape curves inward towards the car's suspension, creating a very...

The Unbeatable Lightness of Being Carbon Fiber Wheels
We have the technology. We can make your wheels better, stronger, faster, lighter, and just plain cooler. For $15,000.

What's A "Hollander Book?"
In 1934, husband and wife Roy and Hildur Hollander published what would become the Bible of the used auto parts industry - the Hollander Book.

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