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Review: Yokohama Avid Ascend

User Rating 3.5 out of 5
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January 16, 2013 By staceyt79
2010 Honda Insight EX. Drove with them for 2k miles before demanding the shop put a different brand on. I drive about 160 miles round trip each day on my commute to work. These are all Highway and Interstate miles. I was in FEAR of my life every-time the vehicle went above 60 MPH. I describe the feeling as fishtailing. My SO drove the vehicle one day and said never before had he felt like he was going to roll a car more than that day. POOR handling at Highway/Interstate speeds. Poor response time. Poor traction. Shop checked everything out on car. All was proper. Put a different model of Yoko's (Envigor's) on and all is right again. Oddly I had Envigor's on car previously and agreed to go up to the Ascends. Yeah my gas millage increased. Partly because I couldn't go the posted speed limits. They were quite with no road noise. Do not purchase if they are going on a commuter car that needs to go 65+ mph. Would be ok as an in town car I never noticed the issue while driving in towns. Just don't expect any secure feelings while driving on the highway.
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Better than my iPhone 5 :)November 15, 2012 By CanuckMan
I've been a loyal MICHELIN customer for years however after being disappointed by my last set of Michelin tires I thought I'd try something else. I did look at both new tires from Yokohama and Michelin - both released this year - but Michelin doesn't offer any H or V rated customers an option. I would never put the wrong speed rating on my car. My decision was easy - I bought these YOKOHAMAs Now that I've installed them on my car I can't believe how amazing these tires drive. It is the quietest tire I've ever tried - way more quiet than the Michelin tires that I removed - and the traction is incredible. These Ascend all-season tires take all the bumps out of my ride yet they corner like a sport tire when I push them!!! I'd also like to point out that for an ""H-rated"" tire my tires have a 5 YEAR unlimited mileage warranty! Or for you technical people, they have a 740 UTQG treadwear rating (even higher on the ""T"" rated tires). This has been the most satisfying purchase that I have made in the last 10 years! Thank you Yokohama!
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5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Yokohama Avid AscendMay 08, 2012 By samlliw
I just put these tires on a less than a year old Chrysler 200 Limited HT convertible to replace the horrible OEM tires. They corrected a lot of issues inherent with the OEMs. These tires are smooth, comfortable riding and quiet. Steering is now precise and predictable on the curvy mountain road I drive daily. Gas mileage is up by 2 MPG or more. Dry traction is excellent. No rain yet in New Mexico. The tires have around 500 miles on them and the improvement over the originals is tremendous. I highly recommend them.
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